Bigger is still Better

by Mesquite Realty on July 20, 2009

Mesquite Nevada townhomes and condos

We know a thing or two about Mesquite Nevada homes, townhomes, and condos… and Bigger is still Better. By going with a larger home the price per square foot of the home generally gets lower. Some argue that for Doctors and other highly paid  professional it is recommended to have a large home for tax reasons. These however are not these reasons that many are going bigger.

According to a recent survey home owners valued having additional storage space over popular other features like “energy-saving features” and “a bigger or nicer yard”. Storage in the home also beat out “better location” and “updated amenities.”

Many people that are buying homes or townhomes in Mesquite Nevada are coming to retire or to have a second home. Many are downsizing and need extra storage. This puts homes and condos that have extra storage in the house or garage at a premium.

The Bigger is Better trend is definitely happening in Mesquite Nevada where many are choosing size of the home over many other amenities and features. With the down turn in the economy consumers are able to buy much more home. Storage in the home is a huge bonus to most buyers.

This article was written by the Mesquite Real Estate Team from Bowler Realty. Find homes, townhomes, and condos for sale in Mesquite Nevada and surrounding areas. Bowler Realty is licensed in Nevada and Arizona.

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