Real Estate Update – Summer 2014

by Mesquite Realty on August 12, 2014

Sun City Mesquite Homes

Homes in Sun City Mesquite

Summer has been HOT time to BUY, but little Slower than Summer 2013.

Mesquite Summer of 2014 will be remembered as a very active summer for real estate.  Sales from May 1 to July 31 were 101 Sales of single family homes. This is an 8% drop from last year but prices have been stable.  The median price from the same period last year shows a 3% increase in median price.

One thing the numbers do not show is how many new homes have been purchased this summer that are under construction. I know there are A BUNCH! The numbers below will not reflect these sales until the fall when they are completed… but the sale was made in SUMMER. I have not seen this much new home building going on for over 6 years. It is good to see things getting back on track.

Here are the numbers from May 1 to July 31.

2014   101 Homes Sold  $217,000 Median Price  1670sq.ft. Median Size

2013   109 Homes Sold  $210,000 Median Price  1721sq.ft. Median Size

2012    83 Homes Sold  $180,000 Median Price  1636sq.ft.  Median Size

2011   104 Homes Sold  $175,500 Median Price  1679sq.ft. Median Size

Wolf Creek Golf Course from plane

Areal of Wolf Creek Golf Course – Mesquite NV

Numbers Breakdown

Immediately I can see that those that bought in in 2011 made a great investment. The property values are up nearly 24% on a similar sized home. As we all know Real Estate prices (Real Estate Market everywhere) is constantly changing.

The point I am trying to demonstrate is that Real Estate in Mesquite NV is fairly stable. We do not seem to see the huge swings in prices like other areas that surround us.  As a Real Estate Broker, I prefer the slow steady growth that offers a piece of mind that the purchase made in Mesquite was a good one.  No doubt their aren’t many nicer communities than Mesquite Nevada.

In Mesquite summer is still a good time to buy a home. I actually think it is the best time because the competition is less and you don’t see nearly as many multiple offers on homes.  This is great for Buyers!

Brandon Park

Brandon Park


This was written by Brandon Park of Mesquite Realty. Call us or comment below if you like what you read or have questions.

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