World Long Drive – Military Edition held in Mesquite NV

by Mesquite Realty on October 29, 2009

World Long Drive held in Mesquite NV

The World Long Drive Competition in Mesquite Nevada held the Military version of the Long Drive Competition last night here in Mesquite NV. Art Sellinger owner of the Long Drivers Association and the 7-Up Bottling Company co-hosted the annual event which is in its third year. The MC for the event was two time author David Fehrity also seen on the Golf Channel. For those of you who not know David Fehrity, he is a very funny commentator that greatly appreciates what are troops do for our great country even though he is working on his US citizenship. Both Art Sellinger and David Fehrity have been to Iraq to entertain the troops and to introduce golf to military personnel. Also present was two time Major Champion also seen on the Golf Channel and Madison, Wisconsin native, Andy North. I mention this because we had Wisconsin like weather for the event. Windy and Cold!

Long Drivers of America

There were six finalists for the event. The number 6 seed squared off against the number 5 seed and the number 4 seed played the number 3 seed. Each participant hits six golf balls and the one with the longest ball advances to next round. The winner of  number 5 and number 6 match plays the number 1 seed and the winner of the number 4 and number 3 match plays the number 2 seed in the semi-finals. As it turns out the  number 1 seed played the number 2 seed for the Championship, and it was a good one!

The number 2 seed Nate Chadwick played number 1 seed, who is two time defending champion Ryan Hixon. The format here is each player hits three balls and then hit the last three of six balls with longest ball winning the championship. Nate Chadwick missed the grid with his first five swings  and hit the last ball 335 yards to add some excitement to the finals. Ryan Hixon on his 5th ball hitting into a very cold breeze nailed it down the middle of the grid 343 yards to the dismay of Chadwick to win his third consecutive military long drive championship and the $10,000.00 first prize. That is an amazing feet by any standards. Congratulations to Ryan Hixon The winner!

Military Long Drive winner

Group shotIt is really an honor and a privilege to be able to witness Art Sellinger,7UP,.David Fehrity and Andy North pay tribute to our military. It also was great to see the citizenry of  Mesquite turn out in significant numbers in weather that we seldom see. Made me feel proud of Mesquite and especially our armed forces. I would also like to mention that the color guard from Nellis Air Force was came to present our Flag for the National Anthem.

God bless our troops and keep them safe from harm as they risk their lives daily to make our lives at home so comfortable. Thank you to the soldiers of America.

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