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Nevada is the 7th largest state. It is nicknamed the “Silver State.” It was named this for the many deposits of silver found through out the state. In 2006 the population of Nevada was 2.6 million people with the 85% of the population living in Las Vegas or Reno. Real Estate in Nevada has always been popular, since the Wild West era. In the 19th century property, claims and mines were the talk of the West. Today, modern day pioneers looking for some sunshine, relaxation, and retirement are looking at Nevada homes.

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Nevada homes will vary drastically in size, construction materials, and even on what side of the State of Nevada you reside in. One thing all Nevada residences have in common is NO state income tax, NO Corporate income tax and NO Franchise tax. How does this compare to other states in the West. Check for yourself…

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The lifestyle offered in Southern Nevada is full of recreation and wide open spaces and some of the most spectacular desert scenery in the southwestern United States. Millions of visitors travel annually to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park and the beautiful Grand Canyon National Park. Some choose to float down the Colorado River ending up on Lake Mead. Lake Mead and Lake Powell are both popular boating, fishing and recreation areas. All these recreational areas within a half days drive.

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One of the top reasons people are relocating retiring in Nevada could be the climate. Average monthly temperatures are quite pleasant during most of the year with temperatures of over 100 degrees occurring in July and August. The low temperature in the winter months for Southern Nevada homes can get down to about 20 degrees. The average annual days of sunshine is 331. The average annual rainfall is 4.50 inches per year. Nevada homes are built for this type of climate and most have central air heat pumps that also serve as air-conditioning in the summer months.

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The lights of the strip and the prestige of a Las Vegas Nevada home attracts many, however a growing number are choosing to live in smaller resort and retirement communities. Las Vegas is no longer the reason people buy Nevada homes. Major builders like Pulte Homes and Del Webb are building large SunCity and Anthem communities though out the Southwest and are beginning to target smaller, growing communities.


One that has sparked major interest is in the City of Mesquite NV and is called SunCity Mesquite. SunCity Mesquite started in June 2007 and will eventually have about 3800 homes, which would double the number of single family Mesquite homes. People are choosing smaller cities for many reasons. Some like the small town feel, others like the low traffic and crime. “no snow” always tops the list for “snowbirds” or those that choose to have a second home or seasonal residence in southern Nevada.

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