Are there Termites in Southern Nevada??

by Mesquite Realty on September 2, 2009

Southern Nevada Termite prevention info

So… are there Termites in Southern Nevada?? The Answer is YES and it is something that everyone needs to be a aware of. This is not only a Southern Nevada or Mesquite issue as termites can be found in everywhere in the US with the exception of Alaska. Termites do thrive in warmer climates and are known to have the most activity in the South, Southeast, West and Southwest.

The right combination of food, moisture, and warmth can attract these silent destroyers. It is estimated that termites cause $5 billion dollars annually to property in the US alone according to the National Pest Management Foundation. This is more of a threat to “stick built” or wood homes than fire, flood and wind combined… yet many know little about termites.

Termites in Southern Nevada

There are 2 types of termites in the US:

1. Drywood Termites that live in drywood. These termites need no contact with soil to survive they can be found in furniture, flooring, wood framing of walls etc. There colonies can grow to 2,500 members and have small swarms of 10 to 100 insects that can be easy to miss. The wood consumed appears very clean and smooth.

2. Subterranean Termites which are know to be the most widespread and more destructive termite. These termites live in underground colonies that can have up to 2 million members. They can swarm with hundreds of thousands of termites. Wood damaged by these termites has a honey combed appearance.

The termites generally found in Southern Nevada are the subterranean termites.

Termites in Southern Nevada??

Ways to Prevent Termites from Targeting Your Home

  • Keep moisture away from your home. Use ran gutters to divert water away from your home and into other areas.
  • Don’t store any wood near or next to home.
  • Make sure you can see 2-3 inches of foundation of your home at all times. And do not put plants, soil or rock up to the bottom of the stucco or siding.(that 2-3inch gap is to make it harder for termites to enter your home).
  • Fill in any gaps you have in your foundation or window joints that could be an entry point for insects.

Any wood that is left on the ground, or wood post put in the ground will eventually, unless treated, be found and eaten by termites.

New homes have a chemical that is put down on the earth before pouring the slab foundation. This chemical will detract termites for 5-7 years. After that point you need to scan you homes foundation for mud tubes.

These mud tubes are used to gain access to you home. Termites need the use of these mud tubes as they have no exo-skeleton and need a cool moist area or they would dry up quickly. These tubes are often seen on the exterior of the home on the 2-3 inch foundation showing or in the garage along the foundation there.

If you find mud tubes or termite damage in your home there is an easy solution. You need to have your home treated. This consists of drilling small holes in your foundation every few feet and injecting a chemical and then filling the hole back in. The process can cost from $500-$2,000+ depending on if you only treat the infected area walls or the the whole home.

Please note: There are some areas of Mesquite that have been know to have more problems with termites than others .  We also do not want to cause panic over termites as we only see them in 1-2 homes we list and sell per year.  Prevention here is worth a pound of cure!As a disclosure we are not licensed in pest control and do recommend that if you have termites in you home or suspect you may to contact a professional.

Article by the Mesquite Real Estate Team of Bowler Realty. Bowler Realty is a licensed real estate brokerage in Nevada and Arizona.

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