Nevada says No Drought Conditions in Mesquite

by Mesquite Realty on June 20, 2015



We don’t have to remind you how important water is especially in the desert. We also don’t need to remind you that most of the western US has been in a drought for over 10 years. Water is a very often addressed topic that comes up when discussing Mesquite and Homes in Mesquite. This is where the good new comes in… Nevada says no drought conditions in Mesquite NV or in any of the Virgin River Basin. This came as part of a reported by  Jason King, Nevada State engineer.

In 2015 the residents of  Mesquite enjoyed a long beautiful spring with more than average rain storms dropping rain in various parts of the Virgin River Basin. According to Mesquite has had 3.74 inches of rain this year.  Which is not far from our average rainfall of 5.7 inches per year.


We are grateful for the rain we receive and keep hoping and praying more will come to the West.

By Brandon Park of Mesquite Realty.

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